Misadventures in Customer Interactions?


You don’t want a rep making a sales call without knowing about an unresolved complaint. You don’t want your Field Service agent providing support without offering a new product the customer may be ready to buy. You don’t want your website quoting a lower price than the one the sales rep negotiated yesterday. A complete view of customers would have saved these embarrassments, resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Getting the Complete Picture – Not as Simple as Point-and-Shoot

Acquiring the 360° view of the customer could be difficult. Some companies do not even know which of their products customers have purchased. At many companies just getting the install base information would require piecing together data residing in multiple systems such as order management, install base, contract, billing, and/or royalty management. Complete and accurate install base information is critical for managing product service and warranty coverage, product recalls, product upgrades, and on a strategic level – for cross-sell and upsell marketing campaigns.

A Holistic Approach is Required

The solution is to break free of the organizational and application-specific silos that compartmentalize information and make it difficult to get a complete picture of your customers. We do not view breaking free of these constraints as a technology and integration problem. Implementing a 360° view requires organizational change management and effective data stewardship procedures along with integrating data from multiple sources, and providing ready access to customer information for different functions and levels of your organization.

Get a Centralized, Complete view of your Customers:

  • True customer-centric operations
  • Real-time customer data
  • Every customer activity tracked
  • Every touchpoint documented
  • Avoid common CRM mistakes
  • Improve customer experience




360° View



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