User Adoption has Never been Harder


Which is harder: Rolling out a new application or getting your people to use it?

Countless organizations have introduced the latest, greatest software, only to have their people avoid using it — mostly by continuing to use their old systems.

Maybe it is due to lack of training. Perhaps, the new application isn’t easy to use. Maybe the flow of the application does not match the organization’s processes. Or, the application takes too long to accomplish the task.

Change has Never been Easier

We know that usability and user adoption aren’t just technology issues, they are also business and organizational issues.

Here’s what sets us apart. For us, user adoption is not an afterthought addressed during application deployment. Our implementation methodology incorporates the business and organizational issues, users’ processes, and application performance into the design and application development phases. You get it right the first time, no additional iterations and releases required to address usability and user adoption. Your people would want to use the new application, user adoption will rocket, and you realize the ROI.

Get a 21st Century Makeover

Has your applications’ UI fallen behind the advances that yield rich user experiences? Changes to the UI can have the biggest impact on how your customers’, partners’, and even your employees’ perception of your company.

Unfortunately, most enterprise applications come bundled with an inflexible user interface that is almost impossible to change. Impossible no more! Your existing application can get a 21st century makeover without jettisoning your existing application. Our InterACT application featuring pre-built integrations to leading CRM applications, provides the rich user experience customers, partners, and employees expect.

Improve Usability and User Adoption:

  • User buy-in for new applications
  • Customized CRM training for maximum user adoption
  • Rich and interactive user experience
  • Low cost UI revamp







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