Does Multi-Channel equal Channels Out of Sync?


Does your online channel sometimes sell a product that other sales channels have already stopped selling? Do your direct sales force close deals that do not use the latest prices and discounts? Do your customers need to speak with an agent because they were unable to complete their service request online?

Many companies suffer from such channel disconnects. Fragmented channels result in lower customer satisfaction and higher costs in customer sales and service.

Meeting User Expectations – The Rich Interactive User Experience

Fulfilling the vision of a rich interactive user experience requires stitching together data and business process flows spanning multiple existing applications built using the latest technologies. Such initiatives come with a hefty price tag.

Re-Use Existing Investments, Not Replicate

The cost for enabling the seamless, rich interactive user experience stems from the cost of replicating all the customer, product, pricing, quote and/or service request data, the corresponding business process validation, and logic in the web channel. Keeping data, process validation rules, and logic in sync across various systems is a challenge. Incomplete synchronization leads to channel disconnects. Ideally, one would want to lower costs by leveraging the investments made in the existing applications such as CRM, billing, ERP, Contracts, etc., for seamless processes across channels.

Consistent and Personalized User Experience

Customers interacting with businesses through various channels expect a consistent and personalized experience across all touch points. Unfortunately, most existing systems focus on a single channel. What's needed is a cross-channel centric design for sales and service to enable the consistent and personalized experience customers expect.

We can help you to use your existing sales and service applications across all channels. We have the solutions to support cross-channel orders and service requests using the business rules and intelligence from your existing applications.







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